Make money from Google AdSense

After installing Wordpress and creating a website, you might want to earn some money with it for sure.

Google AdSense program is one of the most popular and easiest ways to do that and AdSense is a free program that helps you monetize your website by placing targeted ads provided by Google next to your site content.

When someone clicks on the ad, you get paid. Google handles the process of billing all advertisers and networks for the ads, so that you receive your payments.

NOTE: Before applying to Google AdSense program, make sure that your website is filled with original and unique content,  and has easy navigation, as Google ads may not be placed on sites with scraped or copyrighted content.


  • Sign up for  Google AdSense account at
  • You should indicate your site URL and select the preferred language of the site content then save and continue.
  • Fill in your contact details and information on the next page. Make sure that you type your name exactly the way it is on your bank account then submit your application to the Google team.
  •  Make sure you do read, understand, and agree to the conditions from Google AdSense Terms and Conditions and Program Policies.
  • Then, verify your phone number either via a text message or a voice call (this step may not be required in all countries)
  •  You will get a Google AdSense verification code from the Google team which you need to copy then paste to your website HTML page.
  • To paste to your website page m you need to do the follows steps
  • Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Goto Appearance > Editor
  • Select your current theme from the drop-down menu Select theme to edit in the top right corner.
  • Then, choose the Theme Header (header.php) template from the list on the right
  • Find the tag and paste the verification code from Google AdSense right after it. 
  • Save the changes


  • Insert the code using a plugin
  • Log into your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to Plugins Add new > Search for Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Install the plugin and activate it
  • Go to Settings Insert Headers and Footers menu. Paste the Google AdSense verification code into the Headers section. 
  • Save the changes
  • Return to your Google AdSense account, check the box to confirm that you pasted the code and click Done
  • Wait for Google to review your entire site and activate your account. For some websites, the activation process can take a day, and for others, it can take up to a couple of weeks

NOTE 1: There may be cases when Google won’t be able to activate your AdSense account. If that happens, you’ll receive an email explaining the reason why. But do not worry! That will allow you to fix the issue and request that your account is activated once again.

NOTE 2: The verification code has to stay on the website according to Google, so do not remove it after the account activation.

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