The best e-commerce analytics tools for 2020

KissMetrics – Presents really good analytics on pre-purchase, acquisition, purchase process, signup, order cancellation, and a whole other slew of behaviors. The best part is that you know who did certain types of activities – which means that you can be incredibly granular in segmenting your analysis.

Custora – This is actually more of a customer lifecycle management tool. But it’s pretty interesting because it provides analytics that look into how customers responded to your promotional campaigns. It also suggests how much you should spend on each channel to get optimize the $$ you put into customer acquisition.

SpringBot – Like Custora. More focused on specific marketing actions to take.

Jirafe – It’s part comprehensive dashboard and part analytics tool. Jirafe integrates with your ecommerce store to give you a dashboard of orders, revenue, etc. But also provides data such as abandoned shopping carts, conversion funnel and top products.

Qubit – This tool goes a step beyond simple analytics and actually lets you personalize the website based to specific groups of website visitors.

Stella Service – Not quite analytics but it lets your benchmark your customer service against that of your competitors. Which is tremendously useful.

Below are sites used for design analytics:

Optimizely – A highly recommended tool for A/B testing deployment and analytics

CrazyEgg & Mouseflow – heat maps so that you can see where your customers are pointing their mouse towards. But to be honest, I’m not entirely convinced if it will really help.

MineWhat – this is a relative newcomer but it’s interesting because it provides an in-depth analysis of your products. It also gives suggestions on complimentary products to sell before checkout, analysis on stock prediction, etc.

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